Health technology jobs

Be a part of a growth sector that¡¯s making an impact internationally ¨C and combine it with a lifestyle you simply won¡¯t find anywhere else.

There is a vibrant eco-system of health technology invention in New Zealand and Kiwi-developed medical devices are now marketed to the world. It’s your chance to work in a sector increasingly seen as a breeding ground for health technology innovation and excellence. 

International outlook

World leaders

Check out some of the leading players - 

Fisher & Paykel Healthcarerespiratory devices and treatments for obstructive sleep apnoea), 

Dynamic Controls electronic wheelchairs and scooters 

Orion Health Healthcare integration technology 

Atlantis Healthcare evidenced-based patient compliance programmes 

They’re all world leaders in their respective fields.

Medical innovation in New Zealand is a very outward looking sector. In fact, over 90% of the devices and technology solutions developed in New Zealand are exported, so you’ll be working at the cutting edge of international best practice.

Exports of medical technology alone (excluding Health IT) are expected to crack the $700 million barrier in 2015. This sector invests $66m in research and development annually and that is expected to increase as New Zealand companies see opportunities to grow their businesses overseas.

The Medical Technology Association’s website has more information about health technology in New Zealand.

You can also check out some of the leading players - Fisher and Paykel Healthcare (respiratory devices and treatments for obstructive sleep apnoea), Dynamic Controls (electronic wheelchairs and scooters), Orion Health (Healthcare integration technology) and Atlantis Healthcare (evidenced-based patient compliance programmes). They’re all world leaders in their respective fields.

Medical Technology Association

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Technologists needed

It’s a diverse sector with over 200 businesses. They currently employ more than 6,000 people and there are plans to recruit hundreds more over the next few years. So there are great opportunities for people with the right skills. Jobs are typically highly skilled and highly paid. Many occupations in the industry (23 as of September 2015) are on the long term Skills Shortages lists

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